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Report an Absence



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The California State Education Code requires school attendance for minors. We would like to remind you that success at school is contingent upon regular attendance. If your child needs to be away from school for a short period of time (dental/doctor appointments) or for a day or more (illness, family emergency), it is important that you notify the school by calling the Attendance Line at (909) 949-7731, by sending a note on the day your child returns signed by you the parent, or by clicking on the absence reporting link from our website to email the office. Students who are habitually late/tardy will be issued truant notices and possibly referred to the Attendance Review Board. Directions for Using the School Attendance Line to Report an Absence

Positive Attendance

Schools receive funds based on actual attendance. Excused absences will not receive funding. Healthy students should be in school every day! Every day that a student is not in school, Citrus Elementary loses money, no matter the reason. More importantly, your child misses learning that is hard to make-up.

Early Pick-Ups

We highly discourage families picking up students early from school as instructional time is lost. Please keep in mind that the last 15 minutes of the school day students are wrapping things up for the day and prepping for the following day. For this reason we ask students not be called out of class in the last 15 minutes of the day. If you do need to have a student pulled out of class early, they will not be called down to the office until you arrive at school. If you are picking up at the end of the school day early, students will not be called out of class within the last 15 minutes of school. Thank you in advance for minimizing disruptions to the classroom and loss of instructional time.



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